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Digital Jersey Coding Programme

Duration: 6 months

Study mode: Part-time flexible programme

Delivery: The Hub (Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 18:00-20:00), Online, Industry work-based

Fees: Free programme

Apply: Applications are now OPEN

Start date: Jan 2019

Closing date for applications: 8th December 2018

A six-month part-time vocational learning programme that develops the skills necessary for an entry-level individual to enter the digital industry. The programme has been developed by Digital Jersey to give individual learners the opportunity to develop digital skills while exploring their creative potential. The programme gives learners a high degree of knowledge and competency so they can obtain an entry-level position as a programmer. It also works with local digital companies to place suitable applicants.

The aim of the course is to help reduce the skills shortage in Jersey’s digital sector, while also enabling individuals, with a proven interest in programming, to get accessible training which can be undertaken while also working.

The programme is based at Digital Jersey’s Hub, where learners use the space for their personal learning and group projects. The programme will involve a mixture of classroom-based activity and self-taught study, with no examinations. The programme is interactive, utilising multiple media with a flexible format, and has been created, and will be supported by, ‘Mentors’ working in the Digital industry, so learners can be sure that what they’re learning is immediately relevant and up to date.

How The Programme Works


Learning to code is hard. The two biggest challenges are in sequencing and motivation and this programme targets both of these problems for the learner. The programme structure ensures that learners learn the right things in the right order, at the right pace, and makes sure learners are consistently given interesting real-life projects to work on with their peers, ensuring they don’t lose motivation.

An integrated learner management system supports each learner, tracking and reporting on progress and enabling close coordination with mentors, who are a key feature of the programme.

Digital Companies seeking entry-level programmers

Digital enterprises in Jersey can apply to the course if they are looking for a new employee. Course leader, Tom Hacquoil will work with companies to source a suitable fit between candidate and company. There is a small fee for businesses which pays for the course teaching. Any businesses interested in entry-level programmers should contact Tom

Recommended Background/Entry Criteria

There are no minimum entry requirements. We look for applicants who are passionate about programming and would like to pursue it as their chosen career. We are not expecting applicants to have worked in the industry before or even to have been actively programming for a long time, we are looking for learners who are genuinely passionate about this field and are able to demonstrate their passion through examples of projects and experience.

Programme Outcomes

After the six month programme, learners will have the prerequisite skills required for employment. Learners also leave the course with industry connections and exposure, as well as a portfolio of relevant and demonstrable work. During the course mentors will work with students to find a suitable company work placement.

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