The #tech4good challenge in which the company were finalists, is a three-day event held in Paris which aims to recognise companies and individuals who encourage the use of technology to improve the lives of others and who are focused on diverse aspects of social change. The challenge involved start-ups sharing their ideas in a 10 minutes’ pitch, to a panel. They were judged on the potential impact of the project, their delivery and also the innovate business process.

Jersey based AgriLedger presented their innovative mobile app which records and transacts incorruptible truth on a distributed cryptoledger or blockchain. The app works on a solid framework of trust delivering an even playing field and improving interactions between farmers and co-ops. This provide trust to members of the AgriLedger network to know they are working, buying, selling and sharing things according to this cryptographic “Book of truth” that is utterly incorruptible.

Genevieve Leveille, Co-founder of AgriLedger said:

“This was a great event to be a part of, it has helped us raise the profile of AgriLedger and our innovative solution to help improve efficiency in developing countries. It has now lead to further interest in the company as well as investment. This challenge has not only been great to take part in, but has now put us in a position to carry out the work that we set out to do.”