If you are looking for help with using a computer, such as accessing the internet or basic computer literacy skills, The Jersey Library can provide these services. The library offers free internet access to all members, training sessions to learn how to use computers and you can also sign up to study for the European Computer Driving Licence (http://www.ecdl.org/programmes/index.jsp?p=102&n=2227) which offers two single module certification programmes for complete beginners and those with limited knowledge of computers and the internet. You can study at home or at Jersey Library if you don’t have computer/internet access. The library also holds other courses. http://www.gov.je/Leisure/Libraries/Pages/index.aspx Email: je.library@gov.je

In addition, the Barclays Digital Wings programme is a FREE online training resource for those looking to increase their digital knowledge and skills.

If you are looking for digital marketing learning resources, please see the Q and A below.

We get frequent requests from people interested in learning to code. There is the Digital Jersey coding course (link to a separate page on the DJ coding course) which runs for six-month part-time, but this is only suitable for those who are looking for an entry level position in the local digital industry and who can commit to 10+ hours of study a week.

If you’re not sure whether you want to learn, or have already learnt some languages but want to try others, then there is a great range of online courses to suit different levels.

Visit our Tech beginner resource page 

We also have an eLearning Portal available in the Hub for users to self-teach coding and make their way through the Team Treehouse course, for free.  Please contact the Hub team to book a time slot.

eLearning Portal

Jersey Coders, the teenage coding club meets once a week in term time, supporting young people in learning to code, but this is only open to children in school year 7+

For kids of other ages, and those who want to learn at home there are plenty of online courses.

Visit our Tech beginner resource page

The DJ Hub has an extensive programme of talks for people working in tech. You can find further details on these on our events page and we are looking to develop further CPD style events in 2016.

There is also a huge range of online resources, some of them free, which aim themselves at professionals and can help widen your languages and learning.

Visit our Jobs page for all the latest vacancies in Jersey’s digital sector or to post up positions you’re looking for.
Yes we facilitate the six monthly Digital Jersey Coding programme which is aimed at people who can show they have an interest and aptitude for coding and are looking for an entry level position in the industry. It is free for successful applicants. It doesn’t matter what your background is as long as you are a Jersey resident, can commit to 10+ hours of learning a week and have the drive to enter this exciting and growing sector. Acceptance on the course is through an interview process.
Digital Jersey have just completed a pilot three-month programme to teach digital marketing skills. We will be evaluating this course and re-launching in late spring 2017. This will be advertised on our website. In the meantime, there are several resources online which can help you:

Google have a great free resource for those interested in learning digital marketing:  Digital Garage 

Hubspot have an online academy

Moz is an excellent service used by many digital marketing professionals and they also have excellent learning resources

This link is a great content marketing resource from copyblogger

One of the best social media marketing bloggers is Michael Steizner at Social Media Examiner, a huge resource of articles and how to guides.

Digital Jersey have launched a new Data Analytics course which will be running from September 2017. There is a big rise in demand for data analysts in Jersey and elsewhere in the world.

There are free and low cost courses online if you want to start with some self-learning. This article on Forbes lists nine available courses and a simple Google search will bring up the latest courses.

The Digital Jersey Data Analytics course is being provided by NobleProg  an online and in-person training company.

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